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Guide Section: Generate Output | EASAP Tree: OUTPUT PARAMETRIC REPORT

A PARAMETRIC GRAPH creates a color contour plot of parametric results that is generated only if a parametric study has been submitted by a user. You specify a value to be contoured for each run via the Value: parameter. The behavior of PARAMETRIC GRAPH is similar to 2D GRAPH in that the graph appears in a separate window, which is activated by clicking on its title or link image.

An example of a contour plot generated by a PARAMETRIC GRAPH is shown below.

Here the type of graph shifts from line graph to contour plot depending on the number of objects set using linear ranges by the user. If only one object is set using a linear range, the Value: parameter is treated as the Y-values of line data with a line style of ‘SOLID’. If more than one object is set using a linear range, then the Value: parameter is treated as contour data with a contour style of ‘FILL_LINE’.

Essential Parameters:
Value:value to plot for each run submitted, expressions allowed
Title:title to display as link to the PARAMETRIC GRAPH
Optional Parameters:
Link Image:image name of image file (.jpg, .png, .gif) to use as a thumbnail hyperlink
Unset Value:a default value to use for a run that has not completed, default→0.0
Show if:logical expression, if TRUE then graph shown, if FALSE then graph NOT shown