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Guide Section: Interacting with an Excel spreadsheet | EASAP Tree: SPREADSHEET LIST branch

A RANGE REFERENCE refers to an individual cell within the worksheet specified in its Parent SHEET.

The value of the cell referenced in the RANGE REFERENCE can then be linked to the value of a data entry object using its Range Reference:

Details on exchanging data between EASAPs and spreadsheet using the RANGE REFERENCE's in data entry objects is described in more detail in Exchange data with a spreadsheet.

Essential Parameters:
Cell:Enter a cell location or reference (eg. B6 or 'cell in the 2nd column, 6th row')
Optional Parameters:
Dependents:Enter a comma-separated list of cells dependent on this referenced cell
Set automatically by dependency calculation
Precedents:Enter a comma-separated list of cells for which this cell is dependent on
Set automatically when global dependencies are set.
Additional Dependents:Enter a comma-separated list of dependent cells beyond calculated values, re-run dependency calculation after setting.(eg. [1!A5] or 'Cell A5 in Sheet 1')
Unit:Select unit of value stored in cell, should be set when value in cell is NOT in the base unit used in EASAP for this value
Cell Type:Set whether the cell is an INPUT or OUTPUT or BOTH, or leave Range Wizard setting as-is
Default: <Automatic>
Cached Value:This is the most recent value(s)—cached within the EASAP—from Excel
This feature eliminates Excel overhead when the EASAP is loaded
When an underlying spreadsheet is changed, the Author must toggle a single Cell Type: to blank, save the EASAP, and then return the value to its prior value in order to trigger a caching update.