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An example

Here we add READ CASE DATA to the Excel Client version of the Mortgage Calculator EASAP to retrieve three fields from a list of cases.

  1. Create a new explicit LIST of case IDs via CASE VIEWER > Displayed Cases:
  2. Retrieve fields from these case records via READ CASE DATA
  3. Display the case records in a TABULATED DATA

1. Download and import

  • Modify case_viewer1
  • Set Displayed Cases: cases_to_display
  • Right-click layout_panel_buttons
  • Select 'Sibling > Add BUTTON' rename it button_read_cases
  • Set Label: Show cases

2. Add a READ CASE DATA to take one or more case IDs and retrieve fields for each of them:

  • Right-click button_read_cases
  • Select 'Child > Add READ CASE DATA'
  • Set
    • Case Ids: %cases_to_display%
    • Columns: loan_amount, approx_mo_pay, term
    • Lists: amount, monthly, term

3. Under layout_panel_buttons add a new LAYOUT PANEL:

  • Right-click it and select 'Child > Add TABULATED DATA'
  • Set
    • Column Titles: Loan Amount, Monthly Pay, Term
    • Columns: amount, monthly, term