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The Extract Tool automates the creation and configuration of EXTRACT, FIND and REPEAT.

For a detailed reference with examples see Extracting Data From Files

By default FIND alone will extract only the first occurrence of a match with its Value: parameter.

REPEAT is a parent to one or more FINDs to force them to continue to search through the file to match Value: more than one time.

  • REPEAT works in one of two ways, a FIND is repeated
    1. A fixed number of times using the Maximum Number of Matches:
    2. Until a match is found in the file for Stop When Value:
    • If no parameters are set in a REPEAT a child FIND will be repeated until the end of the file is reached
Optional Parameters:
Maximum Number of Matches:Set an integer number of matches after which child FINDs will stop searching
Stop When Value:Set a literal value that when matched, will stop all child FINDs
Stop Line:Specify whether to include or exclude the matching line (matching Stop When Value:) for any child FINDs
Default: Include in Search, Exclude from Search
Type:Sequence of data types to apply to LIST references in Stop When Value: (Integer, Real, Text)