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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSINGLIST

REPEATED MAP takes a LIST and maps it to a new LIST according to a mapping defined in Inputs: and Outputs:

REPEATED MAP applies SCALAR MAP to each element in a LIST.

The length of the REPEATED MAP is the same as the LIST selected in List:

  • SCALAR or LIST references may be used in both the Inputs: and Outputs:
  • if these are LIST references the Author may select the kind of expansion,
    • Expand → after input/output mapping, the results are expanded into a comma separated list
    • Repeated Expand → input/output mapping is done for each element in List:

All the possible values for each item of the list object specified in the List: parameter must be known to ensure a match with one of the values specified in Inputs:

Essential Parameters:
List: LIST reference whose elements will be mapped.
Inputs:LIST of possible choices of List: that will be mapped to new values in Outputs:
Outputs:LIST of values for REPEATED MAP that correspond to Inputs: LIST above.
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in Inputs: or Outputs: (default→%)
Input Expansion:Determines expansion method for object references in Inputs:(default→Expand, Format, Repeated Expand, Repeated Format)
Output Expansion:Determines expansion method for object references in Outputs: (default→Expand, Format, Repeated Expand, Repeated Format)
Unit Group:Associates value with an existing DIMENSIONAL GROUP
Trim Whitespace:Specify whether whitespace is trimmed for object references in Inputs: and Outputs: (default→Trim, Leave as is)