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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING > LIST

REPEATED REPLACE locates one string in another and then replaces the text with new text.

Any LIST references in the input string of length greater than one must all have the same length.

The replace operation is repeated for each value in the input LIST.

The output LIST will be the same length as the input LIST(s).

REPLACE is helpful when arbitrary input text needs to be escaped, for example when rendering characters such as ' < ' in HTML, or to allow ' ‘ ' in a database query.

Regular Expressions may be active for a search.

For specific examples, see REPLACE.

Optional Parameters:
Value:Dropdown list to select a string, String DORs only.
Find Text:The text to search for
Replace With:The text to replace the found text with
Replacement Mode:Select operation (ALL, FIRST)
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter for LIST and/or SCALAR references in Find Text: and Replace With:
Default: %
Allow Regular Expressions:Set to TRUE to treat Find Text: as a regular expression
Default: FALSE