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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions

SET VALUE ACTION may set the value of one or more of the following data entry objects:

Values: must correspond to the syntax of the target object’s Default: parameter.

An empty Values: will clear object values.

Essential Parameters:
Objects:Enter one or more comma separated target GUI object reference(s) to be set
Optional Parameters:
Values:Enter one or more comma-separated literal strings and/or SCALAR and/or LIST references
The number of total elements here must be either 1 or the same number of elements in Objects:
Do if:Enter a logical expression if true then ACTION performed and not otherwise
Delimiter:Set a character to delimit object references in Value:
Default: %
Fire Value Changed:Select whether all an EASAP's object values should be updated after action completes
Default: FALSE, TRUE

Fire Value Changed:

Fire Value Changed: will force the EASAP to update all object data values after SET VALUE ACTION has been executed.

The rules of use are as follows:

  • For a single SET VALUE ACTION in an ACTION GROUP,
  • Setting Fire Value Changed: TRUE typically is not required
  • If the UI is not updating set Fire Value Changed: TRUE
  • Check to see the VALUE CHANGED EVENT propagates

This parameter should be used with caution as it introduces the potential for loops.

These rules create the most efficient EASAP user interface as setting every Fire Value Changed: TRUE may lead to unnecessary slowness.