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Guide Section: An EASAP GUI

STAGE OPTIONS is a child to an ESIGNER, part of EASA's eSignature functionality.

STAGE OPTIONS defines a set of restrictions upon who is authorized to sign off, or validate, an EASAP's 'current stage';.

An Author is given a powerful and flexible way to add an approval process on top of an arbitrary workflow with STAGE OPTIONS.

The names of each stage of data integrity validation must be already defined in ESIGNER > Stages: before setting STAGE OPTIONS.

The logic to configure a STAGE OPTIONS involves:

  • a 'prior stage' (any by default)
  • a 'prior approver' (any by default)
  • a 'current stage' (required)
  • a 'current approver' (any group by default)
  • at least one 'next stage' (required)

An EASAP may be signed into a 'next stage' when the 'current approver' both:

  • belongs to the Current Approver Group: … by default all groups and users accepted
  • satisfies the Approval Condition: for the Prior Stage: … either or both are optional

Essential Parameters:
Current Stage: The 'current stage' of the EASAP (stage names come from ESIGNER > Stages:)
Next Stages: Name at least one drop-down option for a 'next stage' by the 'Sign EASAP' button when the conditions below are satisfied (stage names from ESIGNER > Stages:)
Optional Parameter List:
Current Approver Group: The group(s) of those authorized to become the 'current approver' and sign the current state of the EASAP, if blank then all possible groups and Users are allowed.
Approval Condition: Condition placed upon 'current approver' and 'approver' of Prior Stage: (default: <blank> )
'current approver' 'Not Same Group As' 'prior approver'
'current approver' 'Not Same User As' 'prior approver'
'current approver' 'Same Group As' 'prior approver'
'current approver' 'Same User As' 'prior approver'
Prior Stage: the 'prior stage' of approval, empty by default (stage names from ESIGNER > Stages:)

Example One

We configure a STAGE OPTIONS with:

  • Current Stage: Initiate Peer Review
  • Next Stages: Peer Review Accepted, Peer Review Rejected
  • Approval Condition: Not Same User As
  • Prior Stage: Submitted

For this ESIGNER in an 'Initiate Peer Review' stage, this STAGE OPTIONS will:

  • exclude a User from approving into 'Peer Review Accepted' or 'Peer Review Rejected'
  • anything that was prior approved into 'Submitted' by that same 'User'
  • … or in plain English, “you cannot 'peer review' your own work”

Example Two

The diagram below shows each and each for a hypothetical sales process.

Each arrow that connects one stage to another corresponds to a unique STAGE OPTIONS.

An Author may wish to make a similar diagram.

Example Three

For further details we add an ESIGNER and ESIGNER VIEWER to the Mortgage Calculator EASAP in a few simple steps , or import a completed ESIGNER Mortgage Calculator EASAP: