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Guide Section: Couple EASA to a software application | EASAP Tree: PROCESSESSTOP

STOP PROCESS is a Child to STOP.

STOP defines methods of stopping an individual PROCESS.

First select in the Type: parameter whether the STOP PROCESS will stop only the PROCESS specified in the Process: parameter or it and all subsequent PROCESS's on the EASAP Tree. Then define the actual method for stopping the software applications run by the PROCESS by specifying commands in a Stop Using: parameter, which is similar to the Run Using: parameter used initially to run the software applications. Therefore, just as in the software applications themselves, to stop a process requires a command line controlled, batch process.

Essential Parameters:
Type:Select whether just this PROCESS is stopped or this and all subsequent PROCESS's are stopped (Stop Process, Stop Simulation)
Process:Select PROCESS to stop
Stop Using:Command(s) used to stop the software application(s), object references allowed
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in Stop Using: