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  • The USER INTERFACE branch is the Parent of the building blocks for
    • the GUI of any EASAP
    • functional properties of the EASAP
    • DATA PROCESSING objects
    • EVENT PROCESSING objects
  • USER INTERFACE has a set of optional parameters to control components of an EASAP’s user interface,
    • actions within the menubar and the toolbar
    • behavior of the submission process
    • presence of confirmation pop-ups, and
    • user interface look and feel, e.g. banner and footer area, skin, and spreadsheet look

USER INTERFACE branch has many Child objects.

Show Toolbar:set whether Toolbar is displayed on EASAP GUI (default→True, False)
Show Confirm on Submit:set whether pop-up confirmation box is displayed on submitting EASAP (default→True, False)
Results Time:specify time in seconds to wait between checking if results are completed
Show DORs:this list of object references are going to be displayed automatically when the EASAP is launched under Testing→Analyse.
Banner Image:an image to display across the top of the application
Footer Image:an image to display across the bottom of the application
Default Skin:allows the author to specify the default skin for the application when opened by the HTML Client.

Results Time:

Be careful when reducing the time interval in Results Time: as smaller time values may make an EASAP appear more responsive, but they will also increase the load on the EASA Server.