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Parametric study EASAP

A parametric EASAP accepts a list of input values; each input will generate a single EASAP run in a sequential queue.

Add parametric functionality to an EASAP

  • A parametric study requires an INPUTBOX with Input Type: set to one of the following,
    • Number
    • Currency
    • Percentage
  • Data entries are interpreted according to Input Type:
    • For example, if a User intends to enter the value 10% he or she should enter,
      • 0.1 if Input Type: → Number
      • 10 if Input Type: → Percentage

Once a compatible Input Type: is selected, add a Child PARAMETRIC RANGE.

PARAMETRIC RANGE is a parameterless object which enables a list of input values for an INPUTBOX

A Specify Range button () will appear on the user interface to the right of the box.

A User will click on this button to modify the Parametric Range settings for the INPUTBOX and the window below will opens.

  • a User will
    • click the Enable radio button
    • enter a comma-separated list of values in Values tab
    • All Values tab will display other parametric ranges that have been entered, below

When multiple parametric INPUTBOX's are enabled, input lists must be equal in length.

View parametric study results

After a parametric run EASA→User→Results→My Results menus will change from showing a to a .

Click the multi-run icon to see results from all of the runs in a table.

Use OUTPUT→PARAMETRIC REPORT→PARAMETRIC REPORT to adjust what data, images or graphs appear in this table.

A link provides access to individual output from each run.