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Author Guide

Authoring an EASAP involves a number of topics and requires developing new skills.

This page provides an index of articles for both new and experienced Author's.


Test, Document, Publish

  • Test an EASAP
    An EASAP needs to be reliable, correct and robust
  • Document an EASAP
    An Author should maintain detailed and complete documentation for a new User

EASAP Builder reference

An Author adds objects to the EASAP Tree via a graphical tool called the EASAP Builder.

The following pages are a comprehensive reference for the EASAP Builder and the Tree:

  • EASAP Builder
    Learn a simple straightforward development interface
  • DIAGRAM LIST > Diagramming
    A diagram in an EASAP may consist of lines, shapes, colors, text as well as imported images.
  • OUTPUT > Generate Output
    An EASAP may produce a report or other deliverable output in a large variety of formats.
  • Expressions
    Support for mathematical and logical functions involving LIST and SCALAR data
  • Parametric study EASAP
    A parametric study EASAP allows a User to vary inputs and generate multiple runs to discover an optimal output.
  • The SQL Wizard provides a simple way to create database queries
    Use a GUI to create READ and WRITE ACTION's

Excel spreadsheets

Excel Server

Excel Desktop Client