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ESIGNER Mortgage Calculator

A completed version of this example EASAP may be downloaded, imported and run: ESIGNER Mortgage Calculator.easap

In this example we add an ESIGNER and an ESIGNER VIEWER to the Mortgage Calculator EASAP.

A. Add an ESIGNER to the GUI

1. Open the Mortgage Calculator example in the EASAP Builder.

2. Add a SUB PANE with a descriptive border under the 'Basic Information' table.

  • Expand USER INTERFACE > TABBED PANE LIST > tab_Basic_information
  • Right-click layout_panel1
  • Select: Sibling > Add SPACER
  • Set Size: 1,30
  • Right-click the SPACER
  • Select: Sibling > Add SUB PANE
  • Rename it sub_pane_esigner
  • Set Border: Esigner

3. Add an ESIGNER and define names for three stages of approval.

  • Right-click sub_pane_esigner
  • Select: Child > Add ESIGNER
    …The default name esigner1 is fine
  • Set Stages: START, Submitted, Approved

The ESIGNER object, a SCALAR, will always have the value of one of the names given in Stages: for use in a logical expression.

B. Configure various STAGE OPTIONS

1. We now configure the first STAGE OPTIONS, once the EASAP is submitted it may be signed into the 'Submitted' stage.

  • Expand esigner1
  • Select stage_options1
  • Rename it submit
  • Set
    Current Stage: START
    Next Stages: Submitted
  • Click: Save
  • Click: Test

Our EASAP with the eSigner should appear as below. We may use the dropdown and button to sign the EASAP if we wish.

2. Let's configure another STAGE OPTIONS this time we require a different User sign the EASAP into the 'Approved' stage.

  • Right-click submit
  • Select: Sibling > Add STAGE OPTIONS
  • Rename it approve
  • Set
    Current Stage: Submitted
    Next Stages: Approved
    Approval Condition: Not Same User As
    Prior Stage: Submitted

C. Add an ESIGNER VIEWER for existing eSignatures

We need to be able to visually confirm every prior approval by adding an ESIGNER VIEWER

  • Right-click sub_pane_esigner
  • Select: Sibling > Add SUB PANE
  • Rename it sub_pane_viewer
  • Set Border: Valid eSignatures
  • Right-click sub_pane_viewer
  • Select: Child > Add ESIGNER VIEWER
  • Set Link To Esigner: esigner1

We may test the EASAP, below we have 'submitted' the EASAP data as 'author' and 'approved' it as 'admin' account.