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Clear browser cache

EASA 6.1 has an updated look and feel.

  • The updates involve,
    1. new icons → installed with the new version
    2. new CSS attributes → loaded once the browser cache is cleared of the prior CSS attributes

Type CTRL-F5 or follow one of the sequences below to clear the browser cache.

  • Edge
    • click the 'hub' icon
    • click History, the 'clock' icon
    • click Clear History
    • tick Cached data and files
    • click Clear
  • IE11
    • click the 'cog' Tools icon
    • click Safety → Delete browsing history…
    • tick Temporary Internet files and website files
    • click Delete
  • Firefox
    • click the 'books' View History… icon
    • click History → Clear Recent History
    • set Time range to clear:Everything
    • under History tick Cache
    • click Clear Now