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Get started with EASA

A. Install EASA

If you want to try out the EASA system we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us at:

We can either help you install an evaluation Windows version of EASA locally or we can provide access to a cloud instance.

B. Test an example EASAP

Once access to a local or remote EASA Server has been arranged its time for a test drive.

Log in to the EASA Server using:

  1. User name: author
  2. Password: author
  3. Select EASA > Set Mode > Author

The EASA Server is preloaded with several example EASAP's, navigate to: EASA > Authoring > Applications > All EASAPs

The software contains the three completed example EASAP's shown below.

The Mortgage Calculator runs finance calculations in an Excel spreadsheet.

EASA has support for an Excel Desktop Client user interface and we provide an alternate Mortgage Calculator tutorial.

The Stock Screener Tool uses a database and builds and runs custom SQL queries from user inputs.

Cantilever Plate Loading Analysis uses a Windows *.bat + *.exe to simulate a user-selected load on a plate with variable dimensions.

Select an EASAP (eg. Mortgage Calculator) and navigate to the tab below,

  1. EASA > Authoring > Testing
  2. Select 'Test EASAP'
    …The EASAP GUI will open in a new browser tab,
  3. Change a value
    …See other fields update in real time.

C. Publish an EASAP

Click the EASA > Authoring > Publish tab:

  1. Enter a string such as 'First Publish'
  2. Click 'Major Revision'
    …This EASAP is now visible to a User at 'EASA > Applications' …Let's confirm this.
  3. Select EASA > Set Mode > User
    …A thumbnail image with the title should be visible (eg. Mortgage Calculator)
  4. Click the thumbnail to run the EASAP
    …The EASAP interface launches, it's identical to the one we Tested above

Each example has a detailed tutorial to help an Author learn and master the Builder environment starting from a new EASAP.

The following section guides an Author in building one of the completed examples from the ground up.

D. Author an EASAP

While an EASAP User only needs a browser to run an EASAP, an Author will use a Java application called the EASAP Builder.

To obtain and install the EASAP Builder contact us at:

Learning to Author with the Builder is easy.

We provide detailed tutorial steps to create the three EASAP's above in addition to more advanced applications.

See Author Tutorials and Example EASAP's.