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EASA and Excel

  • Excel support within the EASA system covers four broad use cases,
    1. dynamic cells, charts and tables in a spreadsheet are connected to fields in a web application called an EASAP
    2. new/existing database case records are created/modified via a temporary copy of a master spreadsheet in an Excel Client
    3. a batch process EASAP creates an output report in the form of a spreadsheet
    4. a spreadsheet is uploaded as input to an EASAP which conducts some form of analysis

1. Live Excel objects within an in-browser EASAP

  • The simplest way to see EASA and Excel work together is to,
    1. run the Mortgage Calculator example which comes installed with EASA via,
      • EASA→Set Mode→Author→Authoring→All EASAPs
    2. complete the Mortgage Calculator tutorial.
      • the tutorial introduces the Excel Range Wizard, any rectangular region of a spreadsheet may be linked to live fields in the web browser EASAP interface.
    3. upload a spreadsheet and begin to Author an EASAP in the Builder,

2. Create and modify database case records in an Excel Client EASAP

3. Create an output spreadsheet with a batch process EASAP

4. Use a spreadsheet to upload input data to an EASAP