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EASA menu‌

The EASA menu tab is the starting point for an EASA User.

Log In or Log Out‌

Click the EASA > Log In tab, enter a Username and Password.

Click on the 'Log Out' tab to end a User session.

Exiting a browser is not the same as 'Log Out' although a User session will eventually time-out after a certain time of inactivity, usually 30 minutes.

Log out when done on one machine as a User is allowed a single session, a login attempt from another machine will display an error message.

The User license‌

EASA license sets a maximum number of simultaneous Users.

When a typical User logs in to EASA, he or she will occupy one User license, logout to free the license.

If all user licenses are currently being used an additional User cannot log in until a current User logs out (though a 'Named User' may always access the system regardless of current load).

Change Password‌

To change a password:

  1. Select: EASA > Change Password
  2. Type in your old password in the 'Old Password' box
  3. Type the new password in the 'New Password' box
  4. Type new password again in the 'Confirm Password' box
  5. Click 'Change'

An Administrator may reset a forgotten password, contact one via: EASA > Help > Support

Install Client‌

Historically it was required that a User download EASA Client here and optionally set up: Proxy Server Settings

Currently User-mode for the EASA Client is not supported for a User but is still available on request.

  • A User only needs a browser to access an EASAP in general
  • Additionally, an Excel Desktop Client EASAP requires Microsoft Excel


Modify preferences at: EASA > Preferences

  • Client Preference - EASA Client (no longer supported) or Web Browser Client (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  • Rows per table - number of rows to display per page in Table View


EASA > News shows messages about an organization’s EASA System.

An Administrator may post news items to this page. Individual news items will appear in the table shown on the News page.

Occasionally, an Administrator will need to contact users urgently. In these cases, a new browser window may automatically open on the News page for you to view Alert-type messages while you are logged in to EASA.