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EASA > Results

Check status and results for an EASAP run via: EASA > Results

My Results‌

EASA > Results > My Results shows a table of submitted EASAP runs.

This table is similar to EASA > Workspace although Delete will permanently remove an EASAP run.

  • Application - EASAP title as shown in Applications Library
  • Status - status of run,
    Queued (n) - EASAP is in the n'th place in line
    Waiting → EASAP currently running
    43% (for example) - fraction of parametric runs completed
    Completed - EASAP run has finished
    Notes - display run specific information. Click () to modify the notes
    Date - date and time the EASAP run was submitted
    User - name of User that submitted EASAP run
    EASAP - () open a submitted EASAP with the same inputs
    Results - ( or ) shows output from a prior EASAP single run or parametric run
  • Stop - click Stop () to stop the current EASAP run
  • Delete- click Delete () to delete the EASAP run

The table of completed EASAP runs may be searched just as in: EASA > Workspace > My Workspace

Additional search criteria include the status column and date of completion.

All Results‌

EASA > Results > All Results contains a table of submitted EASAP runs from all Users and thus Stop/Delete is not available.

Here other User's prior work is shared to help inform future choices for inputs.

Recycle Bin‌

EASA > Results > Recycle Bin contains submitted runs which have been deleted.

This table is similar to EASA > Results > Workspace > Recycle Bin for opened, then saved and then deleted EASAP values.

  • Restore - to return a deleted EASAP run back to 'All Results' and 'My Results'.
  • Delete - to permanently remove the submitted EASAP run from the system
  • Remove All to permanently remove all the submitted EASAP runs in the Recycle Bin from the system.


EASA > Results > Export () will create and browser-download an Excel spreadsheet, results.xls, with a row for each run and fields showing the info in the results table as well as the final values of the inputs set in the EASAP GUI.

If the total number of data values exported exceeds 256, then the data will be automatically spread across multiple worksheets in the workbook.