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Take a Tour of EASA

On this page, we take a quick tour of EASA we log in to an EASA Server, run an EASAP, and review the generated results.

  • Log in to EASA as described in the previous section.
  • If you are not already in User*mode,
  • Select: EASA > Set Mode > User
  • Under: EAS > Applications
  • Select 'Gallery View' and then select the Category called ‘Training’
  • Select the EASAP entitled ‘Cantilever Plate Loading Analysis (Introductory Batch Application Tutorial)’

The following window will appear:

In the open EASAP, we can modify a few inputs in the plate application:

  • Choose a different material
  • Change the plate dimensions
  • Specify the load on the plate
  • Save this EASAP with the current set of inputs by clicking on the 'Save' button ().
  • A pop-up window will appear for us to input a filename.
  • Type 'plate1' in the box next to 'Filename'
  • Click: Save
    …After saving your EASAP settings, we will now submit the EASAP to be run.
  • Click: Submit EASAP ()
    …A pop-up window will appear when the EASAP has been submitted.
  • Click 'OK' on this pop-up window.
  • Click: Exit ()

Let's confirm we see a record of our use of the EASAP:

  • Back on the EASA pages in your browser, select: EASA > Workspace> My Workspace
    …There is a table containing our saved EASAP labeled as 'plate1'. We may re-open 'plate1' by clicking on the 'Open EASAP' button ().
  • Let’s check on the progress of our EASAP run, select: EASA > Results > My Resultsa
  • We see ‘Cantilever Plate Loading Analysis (Introductory Batch Application Tutorial)’ in the results table.
  • Again, we could click the 'Open EASAP' button () on this page to bring up the EASAP.
  • Look at the 'Status' column for the run you just submitted. It may show a variety of messages. If you see ‘Queued’ then the job is waiting for some other jobs to finish before starting to run. If you see a percentage number, then your job is currently running. Finally, if you see ‘Completed’ then your job is done and you can view the results by clicking on the 'View Results' button () in the 'Results' column.
  • Upon clicking the 'View Results' button ),
  • The page displayed in our browser will change to the report generated by our EASAP run.

The top of the report will look similar to the following,

  • After reviewing the report, log out of EASA, select: EASA > Log Out
  • Click: Log Out