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New in EASA 6.1

For a complete list of changes please read the release notes.

EASA Server has a cleaner and simpler look.

The User, Author and Administrator pages have had a face lift yet have kept the same functionality.

Menus, images and icons have been updated for a cleaner and simpler look.

To see the new look, remember to first clear browser cache.

EASA eSignature

An eSignature provides a digital validation of data integrity by an authorized party.

EASA 6.1 eSignature functionality has two main parts

  1. ESIGNER and one or more child STAGE OPTIONS
    • Allow an authorized party to create an eSignature to validate the integrity of an EASAP's complete state
    • Store the eSignature and a hash code derived from the signed EASAP state in the EASA database
    • Certify EASAP state has not changed for subsequent eSignature approvals
    • Display a table of valid signatures going forward in time

An optional final step allows EASAP data to be locked, see Lock ESIGNER button

Below is an example showing ESIGNER and ESIGNER VIEWER GUI objects.


READ CASE DATA allows access to fields of a list of case records within an Excel Desktop Client EASAP.

A User may select one or more case ID's with a CASE VIEWER and certain Excel named-range values from the case records will be loaded into LIST's within the EASAP.


SET VALUE ACTION allows comma separated values or a LIST reference in Objects: as well in Values:

A single value in Values: will assign that value to multiple elements of a LIST reference in Objects:

Streamline and automate the GUI with SET FOCUS ACTION

To adjust focus between GUI elements a User had to previously:

  • Scroll click with a mouse
  • Press the TAB key

Now an Author may use a SET FOCUS ACTION saving a User time and effort.